Spring Fertilization in North Texas


If you haven’t noticed, spring has finally made it to North Texas! I know you were thinking Old Man Winter would never leave, but now the smell of winter blues is being replaced with the aroma of freshly cut grass and the anticipation for a sunshine-filled spring. 

We are currently providing fertilizer applications that promote early green-up and root-development for your lawn and control of spring weeds in the Dallas area. The warm climate of North Texas makes balanced fertilization extremely important if you want a green lawn throughout the growing season.

Fertilization in North Texas

Before the Texas sun begins to deplete your lawn of essential nutrients, early season fertilization is an important step to ensure your turf will green up quickly and keep its delicate root system intact. Along with another round of pre-emergent we recommend a granular slow-release fertilizer to give you a nice even color and begin to build up your root system. 

Our early spring lawn care treatment in Dallas includes both pre-emergent and post-emergent for prevention/control of weeds AND custom-blended fertilizer with Nitrogen and Potassium, specific to North Texas – three products to provide maximum results and get your lawn off to a great start. 


Nitrogen (N) is the most common ingredient in fertilizer. This element already exists in your lawn but needs to be replenished every 5-6 weeks throughout the growing season from March to September.

Its main function is to provide top-growth and color. Lawns with insufficient levels of nitrogen may experience turf decline as well as being more susceptible to summer stresses like drought and insects. 


Potassium (K) is another ingredient in fertilizer and is often overlooked. While most people only think of their lawn in terms of the color on top, Potassium is responsible for what goes on underneath. The cell walls of your root system act as the nutrient and moisture source for the grass blades on top and if levels are low, the roots cannot maintain the growth rate on top – this leads to turf that will decline rapidly once temperature rises.

In order to maintain thickness and overall health, Potassium needs to be included in order to promote that cell wall development. After all, the healthiest lawns in the Metroplex have strong root systems which enable them to keep their color during hot spells and maintain thickness throughout the summer. 

Spring Fertilization with Gecko Green

We have over 30 years of local experience keeping lawns healthy and full of color. Our signature eight step lawn care program is customized to the specific needs of your North Texas lawn. 

If you are interested in our early spring lawn treatment schedule, give us a call today. Your lawn will thank you!

Fertilize your lawn back to health.