How to Prep Your Lawn For Spring in Dallas, TX


Getting your lawn ready for spring in Dallas, TX does not have to be a difficult task. With the right attention to detail in lawn care, you can have your lawn ready to go in no time at all. From aeration and seeding to mowing and deep watering, here are the steps you need to take to get your lawn lush and green for the spring. 

Early preparation can get your lawn in great shape now so that it can flourish in the spring and get ready to tackle any problems in the hot summer months.

Spruce Up Your Lawn for Spring

Regardless of where you live, every lawn needs special care after winter in order to keep it healthy and thriving through the spring and into the summer months. In order to keep your lawn healthy year-round, you need to start prepping it before the growing season in the spring. 

By starting early, you can maximize your lawn’s health before the hot summer sun starts beating down on it each day and wearing it down.

Take Stock of What Your Lawn Needs

Look at your lawn now and assess its needs as best as you can. Is it brown? Are there bald patches? Are there compacted leaves from fall? Make a list of the problems you see. what your lawn’s needs are. 

By making a list, you can prioritize what needs to be done and work on one task at a time until you have completed your spring lawn preparation project. If the lawn is brown and dry, it may need a deep watering. If there are compacted leaves, it will need cleaning up before you can take any other actions.

1. Clean up your lawn

Seems pretty self-explanatory, right? Remove all of the debris from your lawn. You can easily remove twigs, broken branches, lost toys and last year’s garden trowel. Rake up any old leaves leftover from fall, and remove any weeds and saplings that have made their home among your lawn’s roots. All this can ruin your mowing efforts or make things difficult for you when it comes to watering your lawn.

2. Aerate your lawn

If your soil has become compacted over the winter, it will be difficult for water and fertilizer to get to its roots. Moreover, if you overseed your lawn before you aerate it, your roots may have a difficult time taking hold. If you cannot penetrate the ground with a garden fork or rake, you will need to aerate your lawn, which involves pulling up cores of soil to allow water, nutrients, and seed to get where they need to go. This can be a complex, tedious process, and is best left to the professionals.

3. Overseed your lawn if necessary

If your lawn has bare, bald patches, overseeding is necessary. You will also need to reseed in areas where the lawn looks unhealthy or the grass looks dead. In order to simplify overseeding, rake the soil where you will put the seed. Next, mix your seed with soil. Be sure to purchase soil from a reputable source to avoid adding weed seeds to your lawn. Finally, water the lawn thoroughly! As far as mowing goes, talk with your local lawn care company about the type of grass you have in your lawn, and set your mower’s blade appropriately.

4. Deeply water your lawn

Finally, water your lawn less often for longer periods to allow the water to get into the soil and to the roots. Watering down deep also means that your roots will grow deeper, giving you a healthier lawn in the long-term. Be sure to water early in the day to help your lawn weather warmer days. It’s also important to be consistent with your watering — watering on and off is worse than not watering at all.

Is preparing your lawn for spring too much work? Leave it to the professionals!

We all lead busy lives and not everyone has time for the depth of care that a lawn really needs. Hiring a lawn care service can help to save your nights and weekends for more enjoyable activities. 

At Gecko Green, we can get your lawn ready for spring with our lawn care services in Dallas in no time at all.

Is your lawn spring-ready?