Tips For Throwing The Best Memorial Day Party This Spring


Celebrate the American heroes who’ve defended our country with the most patriotic party on the block. Whether you go traditional with hot dogs and hamburgers or full red, white, and blue with your decorations, there are tons of cool ways you can take your party to the next level of awesome. 

We know that it can be stressful to throw a party at times, so we’ve come up with a handy list of tips that’ll be sure to make your party memorable!

1. Patriotic finger foods

Go full American with foods that are the colors of our nation’s flag. Offer finger foods like red, white and blue tortilla chips, or go healthy with skewers of strawberries, blueberries, and the occasional marshmallow. This red, white and blue strawberry cake is also a great idea!

2. Traditional American desserts

Try a more subtle approach with your desserts. Consider putting out some traditional American pies like apple or peach. If you decide to make them yourself, don’t forget to add stars to your pie crust before baking!

3. Drinks children and parents will both love

Freeze blueberries and strawberries in cubes of ice for that extra oomph of patriotic zeal. It’s perfect for alcoholic beverages for the adults, and water or lemonade for the kids!

4. Break out the sparklers

Sparklers and fireworks aren’t just for the Fourth of July anymore! Plan a small fireworks display for later in the night or offer up sparklers at sunset for your guests. It’s that extra special fun that everyone will love.

5. Go the extra step with games for kids

Let the parents at your party take the night off by picking up some extra supplies just for the kids. Pick up some chalk and jump ropes at your local dollar store and leave them out for kids to play with. Bonus points for getting squirt guns too!

6. Entertainment for the adults

Get the conversation flowing with a game of cornhole or horseshoes. Don’t have them yourself? Ask around your neighborhood or get a tutorial for making one online.

7. Make care packages for active soldiers

Ask your guests to bring supplies like small snacks, toiletries or socks for care packages to be sent to active military members. A nice touch that everyone can feel good about!

8. Clean up your lawn

Get your landscaping touched up a few days before the party. Everyone will be sure to comment on the beauty of your yard, and you’ll have a newly-cut, thick lawn for you and your guests to mingle on.

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With nine visits a year, we’ll be sure to give you the noticeable results you’re looking for. Say goodbye to brown spots and hello to emerald green grass this summer, starting with Memorial Day weekend!

Is your lawn party-ready?