How to Prepare Your Lawn and Landscape for Winter


As the fall season comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about prepping your lawn and landscape for the coming winter months. Hardy plants usually fare well, but an early freeze can spell disaster, causing leaves to wilt or plants to die. You can help your landscape avoid this fate by staying one step ahead of the winter chill.

Protect roots from frost

Fall mulching offers significant benefits to your plants by protecting the roots from frost and helping the plant to retain moisture. Mulch should be spread 2 to 3 inches around shrubs and trees. Also, avoid using free mulch from municipal piles. This mulch can be contaminated from diseased trees and could spread disease to the plants in your yard.

Remove dead & dying flora

Fall is the best time to remove dead annuals and neaten your landscape. You can lightly prune dead branches and shrubs in your lawn while the plant is in a period of slow growth. Plants like tea roses should be trimmed to about a third of their height.

Wrap delicate shrubs

High winds and frost can dry up your delicate shrubs and lead to splitting. If you want to protect delicate shrubbery during the winter months you should hide small plants under buckets or plastic pots or wrap shrubs in burlap. You can surround vulnerable trees with shredded leaves. 

When it comes to preparing your lawn and landscape for cooler weather, Gecko Green has you covered. Our staff of trained professionals can help guide you with advice and proven techniques. 

We can help you develop a personalized plan of action to help your lawn and landscape weather the winter months. Our lawn care services can help keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful all year long!

Prep Your Lawn for Winter.