What is Lawn Aeration, Why & When Should I Aerate My Lawn?

what is lawn aeration

After a long hot summer, many homeowners are wondering what they can do for their lawn to help it recover from summertime stressors.   As the cooler temperatures of fall arrive and rainfall is more abundant in Dallas Fort Worth, Core Aeration is one of the best things you can do to help your lawn through the recovery process.  

Many of the most respected organizations in the realm of lawn care all share the opinion that lawn aeration is an important and necessary part of regular lawn maintenance.


Core aeration is the mechanical process of pulling plugs of soil, about the size of your thumb, and redistributing them back across the lawn.  This is most effectively accomplished with an aeration machine, which resembles a lawn mower in size and shape and is designed to perform this process in a uniform manner across your lawn.


There are numerous benefits to lawn aeration:

Alleviate soil compaction – Compaction of the soil in your lawn is detrimental to its health as it inhibits the growth of the root system. The removal of soil plugs will create space, thereby alleviating the soil compaction and providing the root systems of the grass with more room to grow.
Creates optimal growing conditions by helping to circulate air and nutrients in the soil – When space is created in the soil it also allows moisture, air, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the root zone where they are best are absorbed. By completing an aeration, you are essentially turning the lawn into a giant sponge, providing the root system access to water and nutrients. Additionally, these plugs are full of nutrients and leaving them on the top of the grass allows them to break down naturally to return nutrients to the top of soil.
Reduce water runoff and puddling – With a good portion of North Texas soils being comprised of clay, it is not uncommon to struggle with puddling in the lawn and excessive run off from irrigation systems. This leads to less water for the lawn and a higher water bill for you! Puddling can lead to increased occurrence of disease and fungal issues as well as promote the growth of various weeds.


While most homeowners are aware of the benefits of aerating their lawn in the Spring, they may not realize the benefits of aerating in the Fall.  Lawn aeration in the Fall time will help alleviate the soil compaction caused throughout the spring and summer months. 

Soil compaction is a common problem after a hot, dry summer as a result of increased foot traffic, repeated mowing of your lawn, and sparse rainfall. Creating space in the soil will allow the root system of your lawn to better absorb air, water, and nutrients as it recovers from Summer stressors and prepares for dormancy in the Winter.  This will help your lawn come out of dormancy stronger and healthier in the Springtime.

If you have any questions about aerating your lawn, call our trained lawn care specialists today! Or get more information on our lawn aeration services and how you can get a healthier lawn in just a few visits. 

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