When to Aerate Your Lawn

when to aerate your lawn

As a homeowner, cultivating a thick, healthy, and lush lawn is an important part of maintaining the aesthetic and financial appeal of your home. 

This task not only requires us to employ the more basic lawn care practices such as properly mowing, watering, and fertilizing our lawns, but also semi-annual practices that will allow our grass turf to flourish to its fullest potential. One of these semi-annual practices is called core aeration.

What is Aeration?

Core aeration is the practice of perforating your soil and removing a small plug of grass and soil to create a series of small holes in your grass. 

This perforation has a number of benefits, but on it’s most basic level, it is allowing the root of your grass to receive the air, water, and nutrients it needs to thrive. This will allow the root of your grass to grow deeply, resulting in a thicker, stronger lawn.

Another reason we aerate is to relieve soil compaction. The root of your grass needs to be able to breathe, and even the slightest compaction can mean the root is overcrowded with dirt, soil, and debris and therefore unable to receive the ideal amounts of the air water and nutrients it truly needs. 

Even a lawn that is compacted as little as ¼ to ½ inch will be affected, and core aeration is the most effective way to alleviate this stress on your lawn.

When Should I Aerate My Lawn?

At Gecko Green, we recommend aerating your lawn twice a year. Once in the spring, and then again in the fall.


Springtime is growing season for your lawn, and is the best time to aerate your lawn for the first time each year. Your lawn will quickly and easily fill the holes you create in the coming season of rapid growth, and the aeration technique will allow your lawn to flourish.


You should avoid aerating again in the summer; exposing the root of the grass at this time of year won’t necessarily yield the same nourishing results. In fact, exposing the root of your grass at this time may be harmful, as temperatures are high and moisture is typically low. Instead, aerate your lawn again in the fall, when temperatures have cooled, and before your lawn freezes in the cold winter months.

Maintaining this twice a year routine will allow your grass to continue to grow to its thickest, fullest potential by exposing the root of the grass to the air, water, and nutrients it requires.

Lawn Aeration Services at Gecko Green

At Gecko Green, we offer lawn aeration services and we use the best machinery, tools, and techniques available to help you maintain a lush, and resilient lawn. If you are interested in employing our locally owned, family run business here in Texas, please contact us for a free consultation!

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