7 Lawn Care Tips for a Thicker Lawn

thicker lawn care tips

Are you suffering from neighbor’s lawn envy? Or would you describe your yard as just “fine,” “okay,” or “alright?” Well, we have the cure for your thin, lackluster lawn blues!

Achieving and maintaining a thick, dense turf in your yard is possible with a bit of know-how and planning. We’ve lined up seven lawn care tips to help you get – and keep – a thick lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy.

1. Have a good fertilizer plan

When people want to thicken up their bodies a bit, what do they do? Simple – eat more and increase nutrient intake. The grass in our lawns requires this same basic formula to thicken up as well. The best way to boost their food and nutrient intake is to amp up our fertilizer plans.

Fertilizing your lawn correctly and routinely is essential to maintaining dense turf. Over time, nutrients naturally get leached from the soil due to water and erosion.

Supplementing enough nutrients through fertilizer leads to fertile soil conditions that can boost turf thickness.

A perfect time to get fertilizer spread to boost turf thickness is early in spring. Regular fertilization throughout the growing season helps provide the nutrients your grass needs for thicker, healthier growth.

Fertilizing can be tricky, especially when trying to achieve a specific goal like boosting density. Your best option is to hire a local lawn care company to take over treatment for you.

2. Keep your landscaping trees and shrubs pruned

One tip that may not occur to you is to trim up your landscaping. Trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants may be attractive while full and thick, but this leads to them casting a shadow over your yard.

The excess shade created by unkempt ornamental and landscaping plants robs your grass of sunlight. Grass, where sunshine is blocked, can not grow thick. Pruning up your landscape and trees regularly is a great way to aid turf thickness.

3. Improve your irrigation

It will probably come as no surprise that adequate irrigation is a key factor in turf density. Established grass requires plenty of moisture to grow thick, but grass seeds will also need moist soil to germinate and fill in between existing grass.

Deep irrigation encourages the growth of deeper roots and thus thicker turf. You should also note that the sunnier areas in the yard require more water than shadier areas. In essence, you’ll need to water deeply, water early, and follow our guide to proper watering to promote and maintain dense turf.

4. Use proper mowing techniques

Is there really a proper way to mow? Yes!! In fact, if you’re mowing incorrectly, that could likely be what’s holding your lawn back from thickness.

To start, lawns should not be mowed based on calendar schedules. Mowing should be done when it visibly needs it, not when you write it in your planner. 

Mowing grass too frequently or too short weakens your grass making it more vulnerable to weeds, disease, and thinning.

Don’t mow more than ⅓ of the blade height in a single mowing. Keeping your mower well maintained to ensure its blades cut cleanly instead of tearing and pulling at grass is also important.

Another helpful tip for promoting turf thickness is to switch the direction you mow in each time.

5. Have your lawn aerated

Core aeration is the lawn treatment that has been gaining momentum over recent years. In fact, most lawn care experts now consider aeration as essential to a lawn care routine as fertilizing or weed control!

Aeration loosens compact soil, breaks up thick thatch, improves the flow of nutrients in your soil, and boosts turf density.

Core aeration is even more important for properties located in areas with dense soil. For example, the soils of Dallas Fort-Worth are highly prone to compaction due to the dense clay.

When the ground is hardened and compact, grass can’t absorb sufficient oxygen, water, and nutrients. Turf simply can not grow thick and lush under such conditions! Have your lawn aerated twice a year to create optimal turf density.

6. Put less stress on your lawn

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in using and enjoying our lawn that we forget how our activity affects it. Too much foot traffic and too many items on the grass add a lot of pressure.

And that stress manifests as thin, lackluster grass. Try to lower the foot traffic on your grass and lessen the activity some as well.

It’s also important to remember that lawns require plenty of sunlight, water, and nutrients. These life-giving elements must be able to reach their root systems for grass to grow thick.

When lawn decorations, toys, pots, and other items are left out on the lawn, grass can’t thrive in those areas. The same rule applies to leaves and other organic debris. These also block your turf from nutrients to help it thicken.

7. Keep up with weed control

When weeds germinate in yards, their sole goal is to out-compete your grass and take over. Weeds are highly successful at stealing nutrients, sunlight, and water from your desirable plants. Thus, staying on top of your weed control routine is another critical part of maintaining a thick, lush lawn.

Pre-emergent herbicides are the best way to keep weeds from ever sprouting in your yard, so be sure to have these products spread just before spring to prevent weeds. If weeds have already arrived in your lawn, have the areas treated with a post-emergent herbicide soon before they spread.

However, if simple hand pulling is your preferred weed removal method, stay vigilant and be sure to remove every bit of weed root and stem.

What is the most effective weed control method? Hiring a local lawn care company to monitor and treat your yard year-round!

The professionals take all the guesswork out of your weed routine. They’ll make sure weeds never see the light of day so your lawn can grow thicker and thicker.

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