Understanding the Cost of Lawn Aeration in Dallas – Fort Worth

cost of lawn aeration

What should you expect when it comes down to brass tax on the cost of aeration services? Will it be out of budget, or can it be a reasonable bargain? One thing you certainly can expect is that it’s worth it – core aeration is one of the main pillars that build a healthy, hardy lawn.

To help you understand how aeration pricing works and how you can lower that cost, we compiled a list to define what determines the cost of lawn aeration services.

What is core aeration, and why is it so important?

Core aeration is the highly beneficial process of using a specialized lawnmower-like machine to pull up tiny cores or plugs from all throughout your lawn.

These plugs of grass and soil are then left on the yard to degrade over time. The degrading plugs provide extra nutrients as they dissolve, and the small holes create space for vital nutrients to access and move through the soil and root system.

You may be thinking, “do I really need aeration in my yard?” No matter your situation – the answer is almost invariably yes…even more so if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Most lawn care experts conclude that aeration is such a beneficial treatment that it should be considered as essential as fertilizer or weed control.

The benefits of lawn aeration, specifically core aeration, are quickly and gratifyingly visible in a yard. Aeration can break up thick thatch, cure puddling issues, increase nutrient and water access to the grass root system, and make grass grow thicker, deeper, and stronger.

However, the primary purpose of aeration is to loosen hardened compact soil. The clay soils of the DFW area are denser and highly prone to compaction, making core aeration much more critical in the region.

What determines the cost of aeration services?

The size of your yard

Lawn size is the number one determining factor in pricing your aeration treatment. Naturally, the larger the area of grass treated, the more time the service will take and cost. Most lawn care companies charge a fixed rate based on size.

Typically flat rates will exist for lawns that are about 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 square feet. If your yard is less than 1,000 sqft, then instead of a flat rate, you may get an estimate based on your specific square footage or the time it takes to aerate it.

For reference, the average size of a residential lawn in the U.S. is about 10,000 square feet or roughly a quarter of an acre. If your budget is tight, consider aerating only the most visible portion of your lawn.

The type of aeration

As an alternative to core aeration, some lawn care companies may offer spike or liquid aeration. These services are slightly cheaper than core aeration. However, there’s a good reason for that. Core aeration provides the quickest and most optimal benefits to a yard.

In contrast, liquid aeration takes longer to potentially see results, and most experts agree it is overall ineffective. Spike aeration can only be considered efficient and effective on small yards with looser soils.

Most lawn care companies will recommend core aeration due to its proven success.

Where you live

Just as gas prices, delivery prices, and home prices vary by location, so does the price of core aeration. Aeration services differ from state to state due to differences in climate, soil types, and access to properties.

Here in Dallas and Fort Worth, the tough, dense soil and unique climate make aeration treatments more challenging than some places with gentler climates and softer soils. For this reason, the cost of aeration in DFW is in the middle price range of the U.S.

How often you aerate

In most parts of the country, it is recommended that a lawn is provided two aeration treatments per year – this goes for Dallas/Fort Worth. Ideally, your property should be t

reated in the spring and again in the fall. The price of aeration may be more favorable if you purchase both of your treatments for the year concurrently rather than paying for each as you go.

The quality of the company you hire

It’s pretty common to see “flash deals” and “limited offers” for lawn services offered by newer (and, therefore, less experienced) lawn care companies as an effort to bring in new customers. This is all well and good as long as you realize and accept the old adage – you get what you pay for.

Aeration services with these companies may cost you less at the moment, but poorly timed or applied aeration treatments can be ineffective or at times even make a yard worse. The reliable, tried-and-true, experienced companies can charge the right fee for an expert job well done.

The overall health and condition of your yard

When you walk into a barbershop with a hack job hairstyle to fix, it’s going to be more effort and take the stylist longer to sort out that hair mess. This, of course, means the cost goes up for you. Well, the same goes for aeration.

Most lawn care specialists will want to assess your yard before giving you an estimate because they know condition counts. If the technician arrives at a yard that looks more like a wilderness than a lawn, they’ll have to work longer and harder on preparations and treatment. Again, this will mean a higher cost for you.

Bundling aeration with extra lawn care services

Many lawn care companies will recommend adding other lawn care services to your aeration treatment. Experts know that using fertilizer and overseeding treatments synchronously with aeration can be beneficial to many lawns.

Adding on other services may also open the door to a lower bundling deal rate that may end up being helpful to your yard and your wallet.

If your aeration service is part of a lawn care package

The most beneficial and cost-effective method to maintaining a healthy yard is to sign up for an inclusive lawn care package that includes aeration services. This reliable system means that your yard will get what it needs year-round for a lower bundled price than paying for services separately.

Is it cheaper to aerate my lawn myself?

It’s true that you can research how to aerate in Dallas, rent a core aerator and tools, and try out aerating your yard on your own. It is also true that this is expensive, involves acquiring specialized knowledge, necessitates a large car or truck to haul equipment, and requires a mass of time, muscle, and effort to complete.

Aeration is just one of those things where do-it-yourself simply doesn’t make sense. Attempting aeration on your own often leads to injuries, a worsening in lawn condition, and a higher cost than simply hiring a company to handle it for you.

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