How to Prepare for Lawn Aeration Service

prepare for your lawn aeration service

With the warm weather around the corner, it’s that time of year you might be dreaming of spending time on your dreamy green lawn.

From backyard barbeques to lounging in the sun, everyone desires a nice lawn. To obtain that thick lush green lawn you might need to do some prep work ahead of time.

There are many benefits of lawn aeration and what it can do for your lawn but first, let’s learn what aeration is and how to prepare for your upcoming service.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a technique used to correct soil compaction to promote the growth of thick and healthy grass. It is commonly done in early spring or fall depending on your grass type and climate.

A special tool called an aerator creates holes in the ground that will increase the number of nutrients, air, and water to reach grass roots.

There are several different types of aeration such as core, spike, liquid, etc. For more information on these types of aeration techniques click here. Before scheduling a service be mindful that after aeration soil plugs will be left on the lawn.

This is a normal part of aeration and eventually, the soil plugs will break down and be filtered back into the ground. Some people may not want to have a lawn party right after an aeration service due to these soil plugs. 

Almost every lawn could benefit from lawn aeration when done well and properly. One of the keys to successful lawn aeration is prepping your lawn appropriately before the service.

Checklist: Steps to Complete Before an Aeration Service

Follow this checklist to ensure your lawn aeration service goes seamlessly and you will be one step closer to a gorgeous lawn! Before you’re scheduled lawn aeration service:

Mow Your Grass (Optional)

Grass can be mowed to about 1.5-2 inches before your aeration service. However, this is optional and is not required before your Gecko Green aeration service. You may wish to consider mowing before aeration if you plan to seed your lawn afterward. Mowing before seeding will allow the seeds to germinate and allow for a longer window of time you won’t need to mow.

Remove Grass Clippings from Lawn

If you mowed your grass, remove any grass clippings that are left on the lawn. Removing the clippings will help keep the lawn healthy before aeration.

Water Your Lawn

Typically, aerator machines work by penetrating and pulling up soil deep in the ground. The machines utilize heavy weights to achieve this. If the ground is dry, the machine will be limited in how deep it can pull up the soil.  This is a drawback since the goal is to get nutrients deep into the soil. The soil should be moist but not soaking wet. If the soil is too wet, this could hinder the aerator machine from functioning properly.

Pro Tip: If you’re wanting to quickly determine if your lawn is too dry, try pushing a screwdriver into the soil. If it easily goes into the soil without resistance, the soil is moist enough for the aeration service.

Flag Any Hard to See Obstacles

Pushing the aerator machine across your yard could damage vital things if not flagged. Most hardware stores sell simple wire flags that can be used. It’s best to place the flag directly on top of the object.

Items in your yard that should be flagged:

It’s important not to use spray paint for marking and only use flags. Spray paint marks usually cannot be seen until the machine has rolled over the area, which could result in damage.

Tidy Up Your Yard

Objects that are not permanent fixtures in your yard that would get in the way of the aerator machine should be removed. Some examples include lawn furniture and children’s toys.

If you are unable to complete these checklist items, please reach out and give us at Gecko Green a call. We are more than happy to assist you.

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