Spring Yard Cleaning Checklist

spring yard checklist

It’s Spring! Everyone thinks of Spring cleaning inside the house, but what about Spring cleaning outside? Your yard needs just as much attention and care as your house.

Taking the time to clean up around the yard will help all of your plants grow and bloom.

In this article, we will cover everything from getting your tools ready to pruning trees and plants to less thought of things like hardscapes and wooden structures and the most important one of all; ongoing lawn services to help ease that workload. 

Check and Clean Tools and Mower

Good maintenance practice begins with caring for the tools necessary for each job. If you are unsure what tools to purchase, we have a handy list of essential lawn care tools every homeowner needs. 

Before using your mower, chainsaw, or hedge trimmers for the first time in the spring it’s a good idea to check the fluid levels of oil and gas or, if it’s electric, make sure the battery is charged.

You may want to clean the air filter as well and make sure all the bolts are tight. The mower or chainsaw blade should also be sharpened.

Any pruning tools should also be greased if necessary and sharpened as well. Keeping your tools in top condition will make most jobs around the yard much easier and safer.

Prune Trees

Once your tools are ready to use, spring is the perfect time to prune trees. They are coming out of winter and their new growth is just beginning.

You want to start by pruning any dead branches as well as any branches damaged or broken over winter.

Then you can prune to shape the tree or to encourage new growth. The branches can be taken to the compost area or they can be mulched and used later on flower beds.

Trim Bushes and Hedges

Unlike trees, trimming and pruning shrubs or bushes is a little more nuanced. If the shrub or bush blooms in early spring it means the buds form on the previous year’s growth.

Therefore, they should be pruned after they bloom in the spring. If the shrub or bush blooms in early or late summer it means the buds are part of the new growth.

They should be pruned in the early spring to give them the best chance to grow and bloom. Although the timing is different, the technique is the same – prune the dead stuff first and then do any shaping that is desired or necessary.

Clean Around Plants

After taking care of the larger trees, shrubs, and bushes it’s time to clean up any flower beds or potted plants.

You can start by removing any dead leaves or sticks and also pull up any weeds that have grown.

This would also be the time to prepare the ground for any new plants by using a rototiller to loosen and turn over the soil and amend the soil with nutrients.

Any plants or flowers in pots should also be fertilized and checked for root bounding.

Remove Yard Debris

Over winter trees may continue to drop leaves and dead branches while evergreens may drop pine cones.

There also might be thatch buildup in the grass. It’s a good idea to pick up the larger items and then rake the lawn thoroughly.

If necessary, it would also be the time to aerate the lawn and apply any treatments to help it grow as well as to plant any new sections.

Hardscape Repair

When the temperature drops to near or below freezing during the winter months the ground shifts.

After the temperature begins to warm in the spring is the perfect time to check for any patio or walkway heaving.

Fixing any heaving begins with moving the stones, pavers, or bricks affected and leveling the ground underneath.

Pour sand or rock dust on the area and then tamp it down before putting the stones, pavers, or bricks back in place. This is also the time to add any rock dust or sand to the space between pavers or bricks.

Finally, it’s a good idea to power wash, on a low setting, the patio or walkway to get rid of any slippery places.

Patching Wooden Structures

Spring is also a good time to walk your fence and examine any outdoor wooden furniture, trellis’ or gazebos.

Falling branches may have caused damage or some may have rotted from moisture. Any place with rot or damage should be removed and repaired.

Power washing the fence, trellis, or gazebo is an effective way to clean them and prepare them for any painting or smaller repairs with wood epoxy that may be necessary.

Spring Lawn Care Service

Spring, with the weather warming, is a beautiful time to be outdoors. Flowers are growing and beginning to bloom.

Trees are budding and birds are happily singing. But if the thought of spring cleaning is overwhelming, call the experts at Gecko Green.

They can help take some of the things off of your list. They offer comprehensive lawn services, including treatments!

Spring Checklist

Check and Clean Tools and Mower
Prune Trees
Trim Bushes and Hedges
Clean Around Plants
Remove Yard Debris
Hardscape Repairs
Patching Wooden Structures
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